Community conservation horizon scan – survey

by Jana McPherson, Conservation Research Manager at Calgary Zoo, Canada

A survey to gather information about risks and opportunities for community-based wildlife conservation:

Hello fellow ecologists,

I am involved with a collaboration that hopes to improve community-based conservation as an effective approach for both conservation of biodiversity and sustainable development. For this purpose, we are conducting a global survey on risks and opportunities anticipated for community-based conservation within the next 15 years. In other words, a horizon scan of what to expect and prepare for. The idea is to gain input from as many people as possible who have experience either directly in community-based conservation or in related fields, at any level and in any role. I would therefore be most grateful if you could take our survey.

Results will be published in a peer-reviewed scientific publication, but we will also make every effort to share insights gained with policy-makers, funding institutions and large conservation and development agencies on the one hand, and grass-roots NGOs and community conservation initiatives on the other.

You can take our survey individually or use it as an opportunity to gather colleagues, staff, or community members and submit a joint response. The survey is available in multiple languages, and you can complete it by following this link:

Completion will take about 20 minutes. Feel free to spread the link widely among colleagues and staff to encourage others with relevant experience to take part as well. If you have already been contacted about and taken part in this survey, apologies for the cross-posting!

Additional background information is available at

I would be most grateful if you could complete the survey within the next two weeks.

Best wishes,

Jana McPherson

Conservation Research Manager

Calgary Zoo

Calgary, AB, Canada